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The Embassy - 'Futile Crimes' - Cassette

White cassette tape with 3-panel J-card artwork on heavy stock paper. Limited edition of 100.
inter2 / SERV006 / GENR016

The Embassy—godfathers of contemporary Swedish indie-pop (Balearic beat + Sarah Record jangle + Smithsian lyrical transcendence)—have been making music for 20 years. Those they've influenced include international stars like Jens Lekman, The Drums, The Tough Alliance, jj, and Dan Lissvik. Futile Crimes (2002) and Tacking (2005) are the landmark albums announcing the duo's power and mission, wearing their pop-art hearts on their sleeves. The albums were originally released on iconic Swedish label Service. In collaboration with The Embassy's International imprint, the wandering record label Gentle Reminder is re-issuing the albums as limited edition cassette tapes. The label and artist first collaborated on the 2017 release Background Music For Action People.

“Overlooked architects of some of the past decade's best new sounds.” — Pitchfork