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This is a place to purchase the releases of the Gentle Reminder and Home Late labels, plus distro items from our friends around the globe.

If shipping or any of the prices propose a problem for you, please write to us: info [at] genremrecs [dot] com

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Years in the making, Gentle Reminder’s existence on the physical plane was birthed after a night of revolutionary dance and song in Baltimore, Md. Gentle Reminder aims to make a positive contribution to the universe through the power of art. Est. 0, 2012, 2013, 2016

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GENR002: Elroy P. Zippy - The Cleanest Comedy Album Ever Made
GENR003: Curved Light - Prismatic / Loomstate
GENR005: El Perro Del Mar - KoKoro
GENR006: James Tillman - Silk Noise Reflex
GENR007: Romantic States - Corduroy In Italy
GENR008: Crusher - ENDS EP
GENR009: The Embassy - Background Music For Action People
GENR010: Calgrove - Wind Vane - EP
GENR011: The Honeydrips - Give Each Other Some Solace
GENR012: Drawing Boards - Drawing Boards
GENR014: Soccer Cousins - Gosh 7"
GENR015: Repo Fam - Repo Fam
GENR016: The Embassy - Futile Crimes
GENR017: The Embassy - Tacking
GENR018: Saturday Night - Saturday Night
GENR019: Maxband - Perfect Strangers
GENR020: Fashion Brigade - Fvck The Heartache: A Maxi-Single
GENR021: Fashion Brigade - Fvck The Heartache LP
GENR022: Soccer Cousins - "Lazy Bones"
GENR023: Soccer Cousins - "Everything About Everything"
GENR024: Soccer Cousins - "The Art of Feeling"
GENR025: Drawing Boards - The Message
GENR027: Romantic States - Ballerina
GENR029: Time Stalkers - Time Stalkers
GENR030: Andrew Cedermark - Fort/da
GENR031: Repo Fam - Whipped Cream 7"
GENR033 / HOME001: Repo Fam - Venus Fly
GENR034 / HOME002: Noah Britton - I Love You
GENR037 / HOME003: Tin-ear - Cadastral Maps
GENR038 / HOME004: Nate Dionne - Fantasy