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The Honeydrips - 'Give Each Other Some Solace' - LP & Tape

Hand-numbered package featuring life-changing lemon-yellow cassette tapes, assembled by a superstar team.
Such a fun album! By! a! legend! of! the! Swedish! pop! underground!
12" LPs are a Swedish IMPORT!

Give Each Other Some Solace is Honeydrips mastermind Mikael Carlsson's first time working with outside producers. Previously staying in his bedroom studio, opening the doors to collaborators has lifted The Honeydrips sound into a new stratosphere. The hooks are sharper and the sound brighter. Now is the best time to take heed of the title and take in the songs.

[roughly translated]: “If the world were completely logical, the Saint Etienne boys Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs would have revived their old Icerink label just to release Give Each Other Some Solace. ... Mikael Carlsson is an ingenious and soulful songwriter—his sense of sticky choruses, catchy hooks, and samples deserves all the praise in the world.” — Sonic Magazine