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Crusher - 'ENDS EP' - Cassette

Crusher is a three-piece punk band based in Brooklyn and Queens, NY.
On this tape: Pier Harrison (Alice, Privacy Issues), Kat Casale (Japanese Breakfast, Mitski, Dog Island), Ray McAndrew (Perfect Pussy, SSWAMPZZ)
Now: Pier, Kat, Aidan Weiss (Marge, Agua Viva)
$1 from each sale will benefit Make The Road New York

Crusher is a three-piece band based in Brooklyn and Queens, NY. Its initial inception as a solo songwriting project for its guitarist Pier debuted at the Silent Barn Residents' first 24-hour show in May 2015, aiming to explore abstract themes and big, monolithic sounds. It expanded to a full band later that year with the addition of Kat Casale (of Japanese Breakfast) on drums and Ray McAndrew (of SSWAMPZZ, Perfect Pussy) on bass, completing the band's heavy sound. Crusher's existence has subsisted primarily on playing shows in Brooklyn and nearby cities without releasing a significant amount of music, touring, or participating in other activities that usually go along with those two things.

The four songs on Crusher's ENDS EP were recorded by Gem Hell (of Slight, Painted Zeros) at David Blaine's the Steakhouse during two heatwaves in Brooklyn in summer 2016 (the effect you'll hear on the vocals is mild suffocation mixed with the natural chalky acoustics of a windowless downstairs powder room). ENDS marks Crusher's first release that is not a demo or homemade cassette. At the end of 2016, Ray moved upstate. Aidan (of Marge) now plays bass in Crusher.