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Fashion Brigade - 'Fvck The Heartache' - 12" vinyl LP

One-time-only pressing of this indiepop triumph. That's right. Indiepop—one-word!

Led by singer-songwriter-producer Elia Einhorn, Fashion Brigade is a collaborative project featuring the talents of Frankie Cosmos; Shamir; X's Exene Cervenka; Thor Harris; and members of LCD Soundsystem, Dirty Projectors, Icy Demons, Prince Rama, Phosphorescent, and loads more greats. Every song has at least one collaborator, some a handful.

Fashion Brigade began after Einhorn’s previous band, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, experienced a horrific tour accident. Laid up with a broken neck and back, plus 26 stitches in his head, he began the earliest writing and recording of what would become Fvck The Heartache. The album was recorded in Olympia at K Records' Dub Narcotic studio; in Chicago at I.V. Labs; in Brooklyn at the Silent Barn; in a converted railway station in Wales; and in bedroom studios across the U.S.

The album's release was celebrated with a a rare Fashion Brigade performance with special guests Frankie Cosmos, Kid Hawk, and Shamir. It was an all-ages matinee at C'mon Everybody in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, August 4th, and it was one of the best days of your life. <3

"Fvck The Heartache" is "a honeyed waltz, soft and wounded and heartbroken" — Stereogum