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Time Stalkers - 'Time Stalkers' - Cassette

Time Stalkers is a nine-piece ensemble based in New York City playing songs by "the Best Indie Rock Songwriter You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of," according to Bandcamp.
This is a limited pro-dubbed white cassette tape with 3-panel J-card artwork. Featuring artwork by iconic comics artist Robert Calzone (insta).

The songwriter is Will Moloney, the person behind the beloved Old Table musical project. Like Check Out Old Table, TURBOSLEAZE, and Climax Landers before it, Time Stalkers began as the Old Table universe expanded with new collaborators. In 2016, Moloney began playing with bassist Charlie Dore-Young (Sweet Baby Jesus, Thanks for coming) and guitarist Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Eyes of Love). Later, the three started playing with Al Nardo (Sloppy Jane), new to the xylophone. The nature of Nardo's instrument inspired a softer-than-usual sound as additional musicians joined. Carolyn Hietter's (SBJ, Financial Collapse) soprano saxophone, Brigid Slattery's (Dog) mandolin, Eli Kleinsmith's (Vern) violin, Van Do's (Party Members) acoustic guitar, and Kurt Pope's (O.D., Joe's Dad's Band) bongo drums brought new colors to Moloney's songs and filled the space traditionally occupied by a standard rock drum kit.

The band practiced and recorded their self-titled debut album at the Brooklyn punk house known as The Dump. The album is an essential addition to the greatest catalog in the Tri-State. The multiplicity of the instrumentation adds a lightness to Moloney's songs, giving them a lift to match the spiritual & community positivity yearned for and achieved lyrically.

Time Stalkers established themselves as the preeminent live act on NYC's bustling live music circuit by playing shows at photography studios, thrift stores, and shuttered arts space The Glove. They shared bills with Jeffrey Lewis, Palberta, Joe Pera, Lucy, Water from Your Eyes, Emily Yacina, Aaron Maine, Kate Mohanty, and many more. "I view this band as a serendipitous gift that formed because of mutual friendship and love of music, with each member complementing each other and enhancing the whole," Moloney says.

General strike!
Cassette tape out on Gentle Reminder
care of Intellectual Bird Records

"Plastic Flowers" "owns a distinctive place in my brain, like a cross between power-pop and Tilly & the Wall... I think my favorite thing, however, is just how organic the whole tune feels due to the mixing; it just feels like the magic was all captured on tape just for us." — Austin Town Hall

"if you can write a set of songs like those on the self-titled album from the Time Stalkers, and pull together a nine-member band to execute them this well, then every indie fan should learn your name. ... the abundance of talent is obvious. ... eccentricity infuses the album, but in a warm and delightful way."
When You Motor Away

HUGE stars of the industry have told me *this* record is a highlight of their being alive in the 21st Century. Top that!