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REPO FAM - 'Whipped Cream' - 7" vinyl

Extra-limited quality wax in a proper sleeve with a full-color insert inside. The grooves contain holy beauty.

Four new blasters from these Baltimore dwellers. Before these songs were laid to disc, REPO FAM would wreck the nervous systems of those who were care-free and careful enough to catch their burning flames in Baltimore nightclubs and pizza parlors. On these nights, a caravan would carry members of the D.C. fan club to Charm City. On at least three occasions, there are reports of fan club members becoming so blissfully disoriented by these concerts, they would wander from the venue post-performance and not return. Souls and bodies lost to rock 'n' roll.

What does Yellow Green Red say? Well, that there's "tough-as-leather attitude in these four schematic indie-punk tunes." Right on!

"Every song has a fuzzy manic punk energy that is perfectly paired with their retro, meandering, jazzy music videos. With this EP, REPO FAM created a little punk universe all to their own, one that I will definitely find myself revisiting several times over." — Grandma Sophia’s Cookies

“It's a kick in the head. ... The entirety of this presentation offers up proof of a talent that deserves a whole lot of attention. ... Whipping up influences with ease, Michelle Peña makes REPO FAM feel like one of the best bands you've heard in ages...” — A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed